: Micron socket A chipset

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link (http://www.geek.com/procspec/chipsets/samicron.htm)

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This DDR SDRAM chipset, dubbed "Mamba", is designed for the AMD Athlon and leverages design lessons learned from the Samurai. In designing the Samurai, Micron noticed that 40% of its die was unused white space. Wasted silicon translates into wasted money, so Micron searched for a way to more efficiently use the Samurai's die. The Idaho based memory company came up with the idea of embedding an eight megabyte L3 cache into the chipset! Christened "eCache," this L3 cache memory can maintain 9.6 GB/s of sustainable bandwidth. By fabricating eCache on the same die as the memory controller, Micron can reduce latencies by up to 50%!

Obviously such a large, fast cache fabricated intimately with the memory controller can have a profound impact on performance. Micron claims up to a 15% increase in real system performance, which might even be conservative. Micron also asserted that the added cost for the eCache is minimal - "virtually free" are the words Micron's Dean Klein used. An interesting point about this chipset is that the core logic controller is fabricated with a 0.18 micron process while the eCache is implemented at 0.15 microns.


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