SVS Ultra Tower Black Ash

Producator: SVS
SVS Ultra Tower - The Flagship
Standing 45 tall with a unique upswept trapezoidal shape and striking
edge treatments, the Ultra Tower creates a dramatic visual statement.
Premium-grade finishes in piano gloss black and real black oak veneer
complement this contemporary design.
But at SVS beauty is never just skin-deep. The Ultra Tower delivers a
deep and detailed soundstage with incredible resolution, absolute
transparency, and amazingly rich and articulated bassoutperforming
other brands costing two and three times their price.
Dramatic Styling Yields Sonic Benefits
The stunning Ultra Tower cabinet design yields numerous sonic benefits.
The non-parallel cabinet panels reduce standing waves within the
cabinet, effectively eliminating frequency response coloration. The
wedge-shaped front baffle and flush-mounted drivers reduce edge
diffraction and improved on-axis high frequency response. Even the
grille design is FEA-optimized to maximize acoustic transparency.
Each cabinet also employs two separate sealed midrange enclosures to
optimize performance and minimize negative interaction between drivers.
In addition, the cabinet bracing is FEA-optimized, the cabinet
midrange/tweeter baffles are 1 thick and the woofer baffles are an
amazing 1.5 thick. This robust construction eliminates structural
resonances and ensures the cabinet remains acoustically inert for
uncolored response even at the highest drive levels.
SVS Drivers - Extreme Performance and Uncompromised Fidelity
The proprietary SVS drivers utilize the finest materials and design
features to ensure the highest sound quality and performance. The Ultra
Tower driver array features a 1 aluminum dome tweeter, dual 6.5
midrange drivers, and dual 8 horizontally opposed woofers.
The 1 aluminum dome tweeter utilizes an FEA-optimized diffuser which
delivers a very open airy presentation and extremely unveiled highs.
The 6.5 midrange driver delivers a sound stage so pure and free of
artifacts that you'll swear the performers are in the room:
A composite glass-fiber cone with excellent stiffness/mass ratio
which improves sensitivity and maintains pistonic behavior well beyond
the pass-band of the driver.A vented voice coil former to minimize air compression artifacts at high drive levels.An aluminum shorting ring to reduce gap inductance, lower distortion, and improve high frequency response.A cast aluminum basket to ensure precise alignment of critical components and enhance heat-sinking capacity.
The 8 woofers deliver that famous SVS bass - deep, tight, clean, linear and powerful:
A long-stroke motor and suspension for low distortion and high output capability.A heavy duty voice coil for enhanced power handling and thermal management.A vented voice coil former to minimize air compression artifacts at high drive levels.An aluminum shorting ring to reduce gap inductance, lower distortion, and improve high frequency response.
ForceFactor Woofer Array
The unique ForceFactor horizontally-opposed dual woofer
configuration results in mechanical force cancellation for reduced
distortion and cleaner, tighter bass response.
The ForceFactor array also eliminates cabinet vibration, which could
otherwise modulate the mid/high frequenciesso the soundstage is
always stable and crystal clear.
Also, since the four woofers all fire in different directions, the
acoustical loading and modal density in the listening space is greatly
enhanced. No matter where you sit, the bass response will be effortless,
smooth and accurate, and free of room-based anomalies.
SoundMatch Crossover Network - Intelligently Designed for Your Listening Room
The unique SoundMatch 3.5-way crossover features a tapered array
which supplies each midrange driver with an optimized frequency band.
Only the top midrange crosses over to the tweeter, while the bottom
midrange is tapered to minimize the potential for off-axis lobing at the
critical midrange-to-tweeter crossover frequency. The result is a
smoother in-room frequency response and enhanced radiation of total
sound power, along with a more generous sweet spot in the vertical axis
for a convincing and stable sound stage.
Naturally the SoundMatch crossover network also features
premium-grade capacitors, air-core inductors and heavy-trace printed
circuit boards to ensure pure signal transmission. Loudspeaker Physical Description:
Floor Standing Tower LoudspeakerDimensions: 45 (H) X 13.8 (W) X 16.25 (D).Weight: 75.4 pounds.Real black oak veneer and piano gloss black finish options.Dual gold-plated 5-way binding posts.3.5 wide-flared rear-firing port.Cloth grille with pin/cup retention system.Elastomer screw-in feet - adjustable for level.Spiked metal screw-in feet included - adjustable for level.
Owner's manual
Driver Array and Technical Highlights:
1 aluminum dome tweeter:
FEA-optimized diffuser for airy and unveiled presentation.Aluminum dome delivers exceptional transient response and exceptional stiffness/mass ratio.
6.5 midrange driver:
Composite glass-fiber cone with excellent stiffness/mass ratio for high sensitivity and pistonic behavior beyond pass band.Aluminum shorting ring to reduce gap inductance, lower distortion, and enhance high frequency response.Cast aluminum basket to ensure precise alignment of critical components and additional heat-sinking capacity.Vented voice coil former to minimize air compression artifacts at high drive levels.
8 woofers:
Aluminum shorting rings to reduce gap inductance and lower distortion.Long stroke motor and suspension for high output.Vented voice coil formers to minimize air compression artifacts at high drive levels.ForceFactor Woofer Array:
Dual 8 side-firing horizontally opposed SVS woofers result in
mechanical force cancellation, enhanced modal density and reduced
distortion for a smooth, accurate bass at all listening locations.
SoundMatch Crossover Network:
3.5-way crossover with premium-grade capacitors, air-core inductors and heavy-trace printed circuit boards.Unique tapered midrange array miniimizes off-axis lobing and enhances radiated sound power into listening space.Top midrange-to-tweeter crossover: 2 kHz.Bottom midrange taper frequency: 700 Hz.Dual midrange-to-woofer crossover: 160 Hz.
Cabinet Construction Technical Highlights:
Separate sealed midrange enclosures minimize top-to-bottom wall
dimensions and shift standing waves beyond the driver pass band,
minimizing negative driver interaction and associated frequency response
degradation.Non-parallel cabinet panels reduces axial standing waves within the cabinet, reducing frequency response coloration..Acoustically transparent and FEA optimized grilles, wedge-shaped
front baffle and flush-mounted drivers all contribute to reduced edge
diffraction and improved on-axis high frequency response.FEA-optimized bracing, 1 thick midrange/tweeter baffles and 1.5
thick woofer baffles eliminates structural resonances and ensures the
cabinet remains acoustically inert for uncolored response even at the
highest drive levels.
Frequency Response and Electro-Acoustic Data:
Rated bandwidth: 28 Hz-32 kHz (+/-3 dB).Nominal impedance: 8 ohms.Sensitivity: 88 dB (2.83V @ 1 meter full-space, 300-3kHz).Recommended amplifier power: 20-300 watts.
Web-direct speaker-maker SVS, long known for
outstanding subwoofers, knocked it out of the park on sound and build
quality with the high-value, full-range Ultra speaker line.
The Ultra Speakers receive SoundVisions 2013 Top Pick of the Year Award, 1/29/2014. Read Review Dynamics of a custom theater system, neutrality and ambience of an audiophile systemCertified and Recommended.
SoundVision, Review by Brent Butterworth, June 2013. Read Review
CNET Review
See why CNET praises the new addition to the SVS product line... Read Review Glossy, gorgeous, and powerful only begin to
describe these Internet-direct speakers. With SVS's 45-day in-home
trial option, those who are shopping in the $2,000-per-pair market owe
it to themselves to give these towers a try.
The Ultra Tower Receives's Best of 2013 Award, 12/2/2013 Read Review
Dammit, I think SVS may have rigged the
awards. Well, that, or they simply consistently make stellar products.
Okay, it's the latter.
Audioholics, 2013 Consumer Excellence Award, 7/3/2013. View Award

The SVS Ultra Tower Surround speaker
package came as close to earning a perfect 10 as any other speaker
system we've heard in its price class...for our money, this is the
speaker system to beat this year and possibly for years to come.
Digital Trends, Review by Caleb Denison, 4/22/2013. Read Review exceptional multichannel loudspeaker
system that is true to SVS' tradition of offering higher performance for
the money through RD and design... the SVS Ultras offer a level of
price/performance value that is rare, if non-existent.
Widescreen Review Magazine, Review by Gary Reber, March 2013. Read Review
Impressive value, great looks, and easy set-up; the cost of entry to full-size high end speakers is lower than ever., Review by Patrick Dillon, 10/16/2013. Read Review

The SVS Ultra Tower is a phenomenal
accomplishment at the price; there's just nothing I've heard for
$2000/pair, or even for significantly more, that comes close.
Thom Moon - GoodSound!, part of The SoundStage! Network. Read Review

...these are beautiful, capable speakers
that are also a terrific value...remarkable speakers at a head turning
price...their performance stands toe to toe with much more expensive
Audioholics, Review by Marshall Guthrie, 4/3/2013. Read Review
The level of detail and inflection
captured and put forth by the Ultra Series speakers was
incredibleSimply put, the whole experience was fantastic. What more can
an enthusiast on a budget ask for? I couldn't think of anything
Home Theater, Review by Andrew Robinson, 3/4/2013. Read Review
The SVS Ultra Tower hits higher-tier
performance benchmarks that keep it fiercely competitive against
products many times its modest cost. An overachiever on all levelsIt's a
stunning price/performance ratio that constitutes a genuine bargain., Review by Glen Wagenknecht, June 2013. Read Review
These speakers, particularly the Tower, can do anything...performed flawlessly.
Home Theater Forum, Review by Sam Chandler, 5/22/2013. Read Review
The SVS Ultra Towers are certainly one of
the best sounding speakers we have heard in the sub-$2000 (per pair)
category. The ability to reproduce subtle details, provide a wide
soundstage with excellent and seamless bass reproduction make this a
highly attractive loudspeaker.
LA Audio File, Review by Kevin Nakano, April 2013. Read Review
One evening, I invited an esteemed colleague
with over thirty years of experience in audio arts. He brought a vast
variety of songs on his music dedicated laptop. Each song played
inspired different song or another direction and on it went for several
hours into the night. Finally, towards the end he asked about the price
of Ultra's and he shook his head and smiled in disbelief. I know! I
Positive Feedback, Review by Victor Chavira, May/June 2013 issue. Read Review
The bass from the quartet of 8in drivers and
that weapons-grade hammer of a bass driver is wondrous. Rapid beyond
belief, with astonishing grip and literally no overhang at all... But
there's more than just an iron grip and lack of bass boominess - this is
a whole package of loveliness...the SVS system's midband and
effortless, soaring, clean and pure highs were able to entertain as well
as unnerve.
Home Cinema Choice, Review by Adam Rayner. Read Review

Clarity Alliance announces SVS/Primare as the Best Home Cinema Room 2013.
Best of Show Awards, SoundVision - The Bristol Show 2013. View Award, Review by Hvard Holmedal, 9/14/2013. Read Review nu este magazin online si nu vinde in mod direct. Puteti achizitiona produsul SVS Ultra Tower Black Ash de la oricare magazin afisat in lista de preturi. Mai multe specificatii si imagine detaliata pentru SVS Ultra Tower Black Ash puteti gasi in pagina Detalii produs. Preturile, specificatiile si imaginea pentru SVS Ultra Tower Black Ash sunt furnizate de catre magazinele din lista. Preturile contin TVA.

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