Pro-Ject Signature 12 Negru lucios

Pro-Ject Signature 12 Negru lucios
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Descriere - Pro-Ject Signature 12 Negru lucios

Prezentare generala Pickup Pro-Ject Signature 12
• Mass-loaded subchassis design
• Magnetically decoupled main platter
• Resonance-optimised alloy
• Inverted main bearing with ceramic ball
• Flywheel belt drive
• Motor control system with LC display
• Single-pivot tonearm
• High gloss metal surface
• Piano-lacquer chassis with magnetic decoupling

• Dust cover separately available (from 1st Quarter 2015)

Signature 12 is a non-compromise highend turntable that celebrates “20-years of Pro-Ject Audio Systems”. A highly sophisticated concept combines the mass-loaded principle with subchassis. Magnetic feet decouple the chassis from surface, “Sorbothanepillows” and a magnetic-floating platter guarantees an absolute quiet running turntable. A “flywheel” belt drive system ensures vibration-free running. The new single-pivot tonearm is a genuine Pro-Ject design. With its wide range of adjustment possibilities and the choice of adequate counterweights, nearly all cartridges can be mounted.
Signature 12 is an audiophile marvel, that represents our championship in precision engineering and our deep love for music!

XLR Option
Pro-Ject Audio Systems offers their highend turntables with premium 5pin>RCA unbalanced arm cable or - by request - with premium balanced 5pin>XLR connection to Pro-Ject Phono Box RS preamplifier. Phono Box RS offers balanced phono inputs, what guarantees superior results in highend vinyl reproduction with a balanced signal source.

NOTE: The signal source and the receiving device have to be equipped with balanced connections. Transmission of audio signals in a balanced mode reduce the influence of interference due to external stray electric fields significantly.


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