Macy Gray - Covered

Macy Gray - Covered
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Casa de discuri: Universal MusicAnul aparitiei: 2012Lista piese: 01. Here Comes The Rain Again (Eurythmics cover) (00:00)02. Creep (Radiohead cover) (00:00)03. You Want Them Nervous (Skit) [feat. J.B. Smoove] (00:00)04. Smoke 2 Joints [Sublime cover] (00:00)05. La La La (Teaching the Kids) [feat. Layann Al Saud, Avery Albert, Happy Hinds & Sienna Steiber] (00:00)06. Teenagers (My Chemical Romance cover) (00:00)07. The Pow ...

Descriere - Macy Gray - Covered

Casa de discuri: Universal Music
Anul aparitiei: 2012

Lista piese: 01. Here Comes The Rain Again (Eurythmics cover) (00:00)
02. Creep (Radiohead cover) (00:00)
03. You Want Them Nervous (Skit) [feat. J.B. Smoove] (00:00)
04. Smoke 2 Joints [Sublime cover] (00:00)
05. La La La (Teaching the Kids) [feat. Layann Al Saud, Avery Albert, Happy Hinds & Sienna Steiber] (00:00)
06. Teenagers (My Chemical Romance cover) (00:00)
07. The Power Of Love [Feat. Hugh Salk] (00:00)
08. Nothing Else Matters [Metallica cover] (00:00)
09. Sail [Awolnation cover] (00:00)
10. I Try Is Cool And All, But (Skit) [feat. Nicole Scherzinger] (00:00)
11. Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover) (00:00)
12. Love Lockdown/Buck (Kanye West/Nina Simone cover) (00:00)
13. Mel Rap [feat. Mel Hinds] (00:00)
14. Bubbly [feat. Idris Elba] (Colbie Callait cover) (00:00)
15. Wake Up (Arcade Fire cover) (00:00)
16. Really (Skit)” [feat. MC Lyte] (00:00)


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