Van den Hul The Grail

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Specificatii: Mains Power: 115 or 230Volt, 50/60HzPower consumption: 7 WattsTemperature operating range: from 15 up to 30deg. CelsiusUse only in dry roomsMax. undistorted output voltage: 25Vss (Accumulator drivenversion:19Vss)Output impedance: 330 Ohms (real resistive)Input sensivity values: for 250mV resp. 0,707Vss outputlevel on amplifier output MM input: Amplification factor 33dB: 5,6 mVAmplification factor 41dB: 2,2 mVAmplification factor 50dB: 0,8 mVInput impedance: 47KOhm / 50p ...


Van den Hul The Grail



Mains Power: 115 or 230Volt, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 7 Watts

Temperature operating range: from 15 up to 30deg. CelsiusUse only in dry rooms

Max. undistorted output voltage: 25Vss (Accumulator drivenversion:19Vss)

Output impedance: 330 Ohms (real resistive)

Input sensivity values: for 250mV resp. 0,707Vss outputlevel on amplifier output


MM input:

Amplification factor 33dB: 5,6 mV

Amplification factor 41dB: 2,2 mV

Amplification factor 50dB: 0,8 mV

Input impedance: 47KOhm / 50pF


MC input:

Amplification factor 56dB: 0,4 mV

Amplification factor 64dB: 0,15 mV

Amplification factor 73dB: 0,05 mV

Input impedance: autom. matching from appr. 40 up to 400Ohms



Phonograph Preamplifier


With this product you will be the owner of one of the mostinnovative and advanced phonograph preamplifier's available at the moment.


The Grail is a really dulcet phonograph preamplifier,specifically designed bearing ultimate performance and reliability in mind.


Feature list:


a specific designed Phonograph preamplifier section, uniquein the world

Phonograph RIAA - equalization with coils only, no soundimpairing capacitors in filters

special printed circuit board material with gold conductingpaths

the printed circuit board has a special seating to evademicrophonics

special equipment foot made of selected wood avoidsmechanical energy storage

low noise moving coil input stage, no annoying noise evenwith low-output cartridges

automatic adapting input stage for moving coil cartridges,no matching resistors needed

possibility to compensate phonograph cartridge sensivity(level adjustment)

cut out of coupling capacitors in the signal path as far aspossible

strictly separated amplifier sections and circuit layoutdeliver a very natural soundstage

inputs: two phonograph inputs, one for MC cartridges, onefor MM or MC high-output

a shielded transformer is placed in an external housing toavoid hum and EMI noise

power supply with Gyrators for each amplifier stage deliververy high noise cancellation

the external transformer is available for different mainsvoltages


Designed to provide high-end audio, The Grail will deliveryou outstanding sound quality with nearly every available modern phonographcartridge.


Also available with a battery powersupply!



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